iPhone IMEI UnBlock – How to Unblock or Use a Blocked IMEI iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 :- Unlock iphone 4.

by jenny on January 14, 2012

Hi All, (NOTE: The iPhone shown in this clip is IMEI Blocked according to Australian AMTA website!! – It’s IMEI Blocked in Australia by ALL Networks and my trick still managed to get it to Work!! – I’m Not talking about unlock or anything else, I’M Talking about IMEI unBlock!!) I have figured out a Very SIMPLE Solution to UNBLOCK an IMEI Blocked iPhone 3G, 3GS and maybe 4!!!!!! I am using an (IMEI BLOCKED) iPhone right NOW and it’s working Great :) A lady gave me an IMEI Blocked iPhone 3G and asked if there was something I could do with it. (Now it Wasn’t Stolen!! She lost it when she was moving houses and called her Insurance and made a claim, 0 later for access/claim fees, Insurance gave her a refurbished one) – Almost a year later she found it in a box in the garage :), she called Insurance company and they informed her she would have to pay the cost of the replacement iPhone if they were to lift the IMEI Block, so of course she said go to hell!!). Anyrate, This trick seems to only work as long as reception does not drop out! I tried this on the iPhone 3G, but it should also work on the iPhone 3GS and maybe even the iPhone 4. There wasn’t really much to it.. All I did is place an active sim card from another working iPhone into the IMEI Blocked iPhone and it worked :) As soon as the Blocked iPhone looses reception, the Block gets activated again! I made a call which lasted over an hour and sent text messages and it worked fine. I had the phone on for a few days and
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